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compact resistant laminate
phenolic resin top
hpl lab top
Compact Resistant Laminate is manufactured by pressing melamine resin impregnated decorative paper over layers of phenolic
resin impregnated kraft paperat high pressure and temperatures. The surface(One side)has an special internal chematte coating
of superior moisture, wear and chemical resistance.

Resistant to acid, alkali and reagents
Easy to clean and maintain Hygiene, No-toxic
Resistant to breed of bacteria
Resistant to impact
Resistant to scratching
Resistant to moisture and steam
Resistant to heat and cigarette burns    
Compact Laminate has a wide field of applications.  
Extremely durable

Phenolic resin countertop is the perfect choice for a range of laboratories including teaching and research, medical and
pharmaceutical operations. From universities to high schools,form fundamental and applied science researching centers to
wide range of industrial organizations,from disease control and preventive medical departments to quarantine centers; From
biological products and pharmaceutical factories to industrial and hospital labs, clinics and operation rooms.

Product Specification  
4'×8' (1220*2440mm)
4'×10' (1220*3050mm)
Compact Resistant Laminate
4'×12' (1220*3660mm)
5'×10' (1525*3050mm)
5'×12' (1525*3660mm)

Cleaning And Maintenance
1,Do not subject these laminates to extreme in humidity or to a temperatures over 120℃ for sustained periods of time.
2,Compact resistant laminate should not be exposed to flame, molten metal, metallic sparks or intense, direct sunlight, nor
should it be used as cutting surfaces.
3, Compact resistant laminate can be damaged by flame from Bunsen burners. The burners should be placed on a trivet to
protect the laminate surface.
4,Compact resintant laminate may be cleaned with warm water and mild soaps, such as those used for hands or dishes. The
use of cleansers that contain abrasives or strong acids may damage the decorative surface. Stubborn stains may be removed
with a 1.5 minute exposure to hypochlorite bleach, followed by a clean water rinse.
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