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Compact CNC Processing
compact cnc processing
JTM company owns advanced manufacturing facility and CNC processing center,
which can assure the products with exquisite technique, high quality of processing
  in cutting,carving,slotting,drilling, edge processing.CNC processing center can
  process board as large as 3660mm andĀ  as accurate as 0.01mm.
  The products we process are always used in furniture, ship manufacturing, facility
manufacturing, advertisement and decorative industries, which win good conforming
    reputation from both experts and users.

  1. Srong impact resistance;
  2. Resistant to abrasion
  3. Resistant to Chemicals
  4. Resistant to moisture & steam
  5. Easy to handle (It can be sawn, drilled, milled, shaped and threaded)
  6. Various joint and fixing approaches
  7. Quick and simple to install, change and dismantle
  8. Easy to clean and totally hygienic
  9. Low cost to maintainĀ 
  10. Enviromental friendly
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