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Compact Bench
Compact bench
JTM outdoor garden seating bench are made of compact laminate board, Due to their
homogeneous and jointless structure, JTM outdoor garden seating bench  are
  created with many extraordinary features including resistance to water,
  moisture,heat, abrasions, fire, cigarette burns, shock, odor and easy to clean and
  maintain. With a variety of colors can be available freely, so that one HPL seating
bench can easiely Integrate the garden environment and add your garden much
    Pleasure. It suit for outdoor or indoor ,such as house yard,public park,garden, sport
  center and school yard etc.

  Excellent resistance to impact and mechanical stresses
  Steam and Moisture Resistant
  Does not rust, cultivate fungi and totally hygienic
  Easy to install, clean and maintain
  A wide color ranges for decorative both sides
  Extremely durable

  Color range:
  Plain color, wood grain range, metal range.
  When you need,you can ask us for the colors charts. We believe you will not be
disappointed and frustrated for the colors you love.
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