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Compact HPL Locker    
compact locker
Compact Lockers are suitable for high humidity areas, such as fitness clubs, sauna
rooms, swimming pools and sport centers; however, they are also widely used in dry
areas such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls and hotels where durability,
functionality and design are all concerned.Compact Lockers system has an
extensive range of style and specification. Custom design is also available.
Unlike metal and plastic lockers,  Compact Lockers are
  1. Excellent resistance to impact and mechanical stresses
  2. Steam and moisture resistance
  3. Does not rust, cultivate fungi and totally hygienic
    4. Easy to install, clean and maintain
  5. A wide color ranges for decorative both sides
  6. Extremely durable
  Standard dimension: 300W x 450D x 1800H (mm) per set.
  It is very common that 3 sets or 4 sets combined together, which is
  900Wx450Dx1800H(mm) and 1200Wx450Dx100H(mm) respectively
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